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By Caitlin Rambo
Marketing Communications Specialist

QR Codes® are swiftly becoming a popular marketing tool. You may have seen them in grocery store aisles, on highway billboards or next to displays in museums. Encoded with useful information these barcodes are both convenient and beneficial. Think of them as a digital “shortcut”. They offer an immediate entry portal for users to access specific content and make marketing communications more interactive. Additionally, they offer tracking capabilities and other useful metrics for the marketer.

QR Codes® strengthen brand awareness, and are useful in many marketing applications as a practical call to action. These sometimes colorful and creative codes attract interest with the viewer and reflexively encourage them to engage. In order to decode the information, consumers must use a QR Code® reader – most of which are offered for free; some of which are standard applications installed on newer smart phones. Upon scanning, users are whisked away to their destination.

QR Codes® make it easy for people to connect. As a marketing portal, they can effectively and measurably propel users to:

  • visit to a webpage
  • view a video or photo (e.g. coupon)
  • make a phone call (to a sales rep or consumer advocate)
  • send an email or instant message

Still not convinced about incorporating QR’s in your next marketing campaign?

Recent data show that while not every citizen may have a personal computer, they do have cellular phones. In fact, the US mobile market comprises more users than Internet users. And smart phones account for one third of all of these mobile devices. It is expected that by 2015, smart phone penetration will have reached over 50% of the mobile market. According to Nielsen, smart phone penetration is already over 50% among 18 to 34 year olds.

Smart phones are powerful and convenient. These devices make it easy for people to connect and interact with their networks through apps and other features. They are also getting cheaper. With the forecasted smart phone adoption rates, it is expected that QR Codes® will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Want to learn more about the benefits and best practices of QR Codes®? Send us an email via our contact page, or contact our resident QR expert Kelly Smith directly at:

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